The Long Oil Company

of Kansas

"Manhattan's Home Company"

Name Changes

The Long Oil Company of Kansas got it's start as The Manhattan Oil Company in 1915 when A.W. Long bought Sikes Oil's interest in Manhattan. Notice the name on the tank truck on the Long Oil homepage, it reads "Manhattan Oil Co". The company operated as The Manhattan Oil Company until around January 1, 1917 when newspaper ads started making reference to "Long and Company successor to Manhattan Oil Co".

As can be seen from the original invoice below Long and Company replaced The Manhattan Oil Company. Notice the date July 14, 1917.

maninv.GIF (130247 bytes)

Then on June 7, 1917 Long Oil Company became a Kansas corporation. This being the third and final name change. From the invoice below you can see the new name. Also note the date of this invoice. Only 11 days from the one above.

longinv.GIF (89112 bytes)

Newspaper advertisements for the company can be found referencing all three names. The first ad using the new name that I have found was on October 1, 1917.

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