National Refining Photo Album

This album will give the viewer a glimpse of The National Refining Company as it was.
All photos are from the authors collection, unless otherwise noted.
If you recognize any of these places please let me know.
If you have any photos that you would like me to include in this album please contact me.
I also would be interested in buying or having reprints made of your photos so I can include them in my collection.

This photo was taken around 1930-33 of two sisters living in Gleason, TN, whose father worked for National Refining. Photo contributed by H. David Spikes

More misc pictures.

This is a new filling station under construction in the winter of 1916-17 near the corner of 9th and Maple in Coffeyville, Kansas

More station pictures.

This bulk plant was located somewhere in Kansas, circa 1920. Bulk plants were always located next to railroad sidings because this is how the gasoline and oil reached the local distributor. Who in turn delivered it to customers at filling stations and farms by bulk trucks. Courtesy of Kansas State Historical Society

More truck pictures.

The "Boy-and-the-Slate" sign with the En-Ar-Co-gram translated into the indian language. This tells those who read it that "It's not the first kiss that costs: it's the upkeep." circa 1923

More misc pictures.

This is a picture postcard of the National refinery in Coffeyville, Kansas in 1911. Note all the wooden barrels. These were used for both oil and gasoline.

More refinery pictures.

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